Rejection: 3 Powerful Steps to Overcome It

Rejection: 3 Powerful Steps to Overcome It

“You will never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice”


As paying taxes and death are inevitable, rejection is an inevitable result for a human being. No matter who you are or what you do, dealing with rejection is something we have all experienced in our lives.

Maybe it was a NO from a partner, your parents, or a job owner, Nevertheless, we’ve all experienced it. Rejection is an action of dismissing or refusing a proposal or an idea.

In other words, It’s an act of refusing to accept, use, or believe someone or something. When a person feels rejected, they usually respond to it by blaming themselves. Or belittling themselves by thinking that they are not good enough. And the resulting emotions can often be painful.


So many of us have experienced rejection in our lives. Each time it comes in different forms. It’s like wearing a different suit or tie every day at your job.
It could be that you grew up hearing a parent tell you that you would not achieve anything. Or your friends always put you down or made you feel less than them. 

Let’s take an example from my life…

Growing up I experienced different types of rejection in my life.  It first started in my childhood. I always used to be teased that I’m an adopted child because there was never a baby picture of me. All my brothers had baby pictures, but when I was born it was like all the cameras vanished.

Time and time again feelings of rejection showed up in my life. With time, I began to push everyone away. I began to blame myself that I was not, and would never be good enough for anyone or anything. What’s worse is that I was spiraling in a downward circle of self-pity and insecurity.

It is not easy, but it is very important to work to overcome rejection. Because if you do not learn how to deal with it, it can become a big stumbling block. And it will hinder you in achieving your ultimate purpose in life.



Number one thing, you have to do is go back to your roots. You need to do a soul-searching. Let me repeat that again, you need to search yourself. This is important because you need to find where the issue started.

You must discover what triggers such emotions to deal with it and then close the chapter for good. It’s very important for you to learn to never ignore your emotions.

Not even the negative ones. Instead, you should try to identify them and deal with them. I had to realize that for me it all started with the baby pictures.

I couldn’t understand why with my pictures even though my parents explained it to me.
Because of this, I felt like I didn’t belong or that nobody loved me. For such a long time I have been living with this feeling. I couldn’t do anything about it until I stopped to think about the opposite direction.
I had to identify and acknowledge my feelings. To understand your emotions you have to be willing to feel them. Take a moment and try to remember the first time you’ve felt unworthy or unloved. Was it something your parents told you? Or a situation that occurred at your workplace?
How to Apply These Steps to Your Life?

Take a second and take an inventory of your life. After you identify the starting point, it’s now time to release it.  It won’t bring you no good by keeping it inside.

Exercise: For the next 10 seconds I want you to say “I let it all go.”

Then do this simple prayer to release it. Imagine you holding rejection in your hands. Take a deep breath and decide to let it go, as you continue repeating the phrase.

Please repeat with me: “Dear Jesus Christ I surrender all my insecurities and self-pity to you. I ask you to work in my life, so I can be free from all bondage, in Jesus name, Amen.


Imagine buying a new phone case for a phone that’s not working… Yeah, it’s freaking useless!

The same thing goes if you’ve acknowledged your issue, released it. And remain thinking the same way of yourself!

Nobody can change overnight. So take it easy and remember how God thinks of you.

He says:

  • You are wonderful and beautiful.
  • The plans he has for you is to give you hope and a future
  • He has made you to be a conqueror
  • Never doubt how strong you are

If you used to think “I’m not good enough”, “Nobody loves me”, “I will never be successful” or “I’m a failure”, change your words to:

I am loved, 

Beautifully, wonderfully made, 

Financial freedom will be my next testimony,

 Happiness is part of my life.

Change the way you see yourself. Start by writing one positive thing about yourself daily. And see how the transformation will start to happen! Prophesy on yourself that you are more than a conqueror.
Each time you get a NO, tell yourself “the Lord has plans to give me hope and a future”.  You will succeed, be free, and be happy.

I want to also encourage you to buy this book. It will give you clarity on how to push through every obstacle in the way, and turn your trials into triumphs.


Big disclaimer: YOU WILL BE TESTED!

Situations will come to test you. If you are working towards success, you will have some ‘NO’s’ throughout the journey.

It is unavoidable to get NO’s in life. But this time you are going to see things from a different point of view.

Because you are Free, and the world is not against you!

Every time you go through a rejection, see it as God’s way of redirecting your path. If you receive a NO, perhaps it means that God has something better in store for you. It doesn’t mean that you have to go back to your old ways.

Be completely confident in yourself.


Change your perspective. There’s a quote that says “Do not ever quit out of fear of rejection.”

So use it to learn the lesson, see where God wants to redirect you.

Handle your fear by remembering the affirmations that God says about you. And you will see how everything starts to flow.


Short summary of today’s lesson:

We will all experience rejection in one way or the other. Even so, we have to overcome it, or else it can become a stumbling block for our purpose.

How do we do this? 

By being honest with yourself. Change the way you see yourself and practice affirmations, then walk in your freedom!

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