“Who Am I” – A Guide to Help You Understand Your Purpose

“Who Am I” – A Guide to Help You Understand Your Purpose

Who Am I? - A Guide to Help You Understand Your Purpose

How crazy is it to live most of our lives without really knowing who we are! For the last couple of days, I’ve been finding myself asking this question several times a day… “Who am I?”, “Why am I here on earth?”

The fact that we’ve experienced so much. Went through so many difficulties as well as good times in our lives and still don’t know who we are is funny to me.

Who am I? Is to understand who created you and I, and with what purpose. Once we find understanding on this question we will find fulfillment.

So, Who Am I? And who are you?

“When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible”


I was born into a loving household with both of my parents and two brothers. Despite my loving surroundings I never felt like I was fitting in. I was always so different either in my way of thinking or doing.

There were several times in my life I’ve found myself asking questions like “Why am I this different?”, “Why don’t I feel like fitting in?”

Have you found yourself feeling this way? Like there’s a missing piece to your life? Here is good news for you. You were never born to fit in.

As I continue to grow up I’ve come to understand that there’s a story written for each one of us. It doesn’t mean because your mom and dad lived a certain way or did a certain thing, that it’s going to be the same story for you.

Unfortunately, this is one of the stumbling blocks that has held so many down in achieving their life purposes. You always wanted to be a certain person or do a certain thing but had to become someone you are not because of family pressure. To understand what is your purpose, you have to understand who you are and who created you.

To this question: “What is my purpose?” everyone has different perspectives. It doesn’t mean that one is right and the other is wrong. The important thing to understand is that you don’t have to fit in, you just have to understand who you are.

Who Am I - Jayne Prince

Who created you?

“Who you are is related to where you came from.”

Myles Monroe

Who created you” seems like a very easy question to answer, right? “Because of a passionate sex between my mom and dad I was born.”

Do you really think that is all that there is to it? Well, allow me to open your mind to see further.

Who was the one that designed purpose and potential? Who created will power and has deposited ideas into your spirit? Don’t you agree that there must be a source of higher power?

There’s unquestionably one answer to these questions…

You were formed into the womb of your mother with power. Where does this power come from? It comes from your source of life: God. He could have prevented your conception, yet He has allowed it for you to be born.

There’s a purpose for that. You may think that God is crazy for allowing your conception even though He knew that you wouldn’t believe in Him. That’s the good thing about Him though, He will never give up on you.

“Who Am I?”

There are many people who are being passed by because others don’t see what is in them.

Let me ask you, can you see what is in you?  Do you know your own potential? Do you know that you are not someone born to live a mediocre life?

There is a wealth of potential in you! Don’t let anybody throw you away. You are not junk.

You may spend your whole life competing with others. Trying to prove that you are somebody, and still feel like a nobody. Break free from that! You don’t have to try to be somebody, because you are somebody!

For the most part of my youth years, I’ve spent competing with others just to fit in. It was weird to not fit in. So I became someone I was not. Life started to feel like running errands when you want to sleep.

Everyday tiredness, laziness, and hopelessness. Because I was trying to be someone that I was not. While there was a wealth of power inside me to be who I was meant to be.

The day that I understood my potential, I made sure to never care what anybody’s opinion was. I began to live the life I was put here on earth to live.

Who am I? what is my purpose
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“Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.” Thema Davis

What does this quote mean?  It means to never use the creation to find out who you are. Because the purpose of something is only in the mind of the one who made it. Opinions of others will just hold you back to unfold the greatness deposited into you.

How can you identify your ability by worshiping a lion? How can you find out your worth by believing every word that comes out of people’s mouths?

You will never know yourself by relating to the creation. Only the creator. So connect yourself to your life source and you will discover the purpose of your life.

So, if there’s a purpose for my life why do I struggle so much?

There was this one guy named Joseph. Since a young age growing up he never felt like fitting in. Even though he was infinitely loved by his parents. He never fit in because he used to always have these weird dreams.

He had 11 brothers, and for some reason they were jealous of him because he was always different. One day his own blood brothers decided that they were going to kill him. Yeah, WTH.

After discussing the options, his brothers decided, you know what? Let’s not kill him, let’s throw him into a pit and leave him there.

As they were throwing him into the pit, there were some slave traders that were passing by. One of the brothers said, hey let’s sell him to these guys as a slave. And so they did. And went home and told their dad that he died a tragic death by a dangerous animal.

The story continues that the weird dreams that Joseph used to have been actually visions. And these visions that he was getting had let him build an authority to the court of the Government. Because these visions saved the entire population from certain dangers. As a result, he became one of the highest ministers in the court of the government.

who am i? what is my purpose
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What is the moral of this story?

Sometimes our lives will be completely shaken up, and changed to redirect us to the correct path. You cannot unfold your purpose while living in your comfort zones.

The mistake that we make as human beings is that when we go through difficulties we never stop to analyze what season we are in. Nothing in life is a coincidence. Out of every difficulty, there is a lesson to learn.

To achieve success, you will find yourself with a series of struggles. But it is important to analyze what is there to learn and keep going. Even the days that you feel like giving up, you have to keep pushing until you reach your goals.

To walk in alignment with your purpose is to lose friends and family.  It is to hear all sorts of negative opinions and face many struggles. But most importantly it is to keep going. One day all the people that never believed in you, will tell everybody how they met you.

Conclusion: Who Am I...

Your potential is much greater than what you are right now. To understand who you are is to connect yourself with the creator of your life. You were not just born out of your mother and that’s it. There is so much more to your life.

To find who you are, you have to understand that you are not just somebody. You are powerful and full of potential. There is a calling and purpose-designed for you to achieve.

So think for a moment “what is it that I spend my hours thinking about?”, “what is something that I know I can do, but I’m not doing?”

Most importantly connect to your life source, God. By asking Him to reveal the plans that He has for you. To guide you in the right path of your calling.

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