The Ultimate Guide to Discover Your Purpose

The Ultimate Guide to Discover Your Purpose

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A man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore

Myles Monroe

If I show you a seed that I have in my hand and ask you what do you see, what will be your answer?

A seed, exactly!

But the truth is that I have a tree in my hand! Or more than that I have a forest because the seed have the potential to become a forest.

In order, for potential to be exposed it needs to be connected to its source.

If I remain with the seed in my hand and not plant it to its source which is the soil, it will not grow and live up to its potential. 


And that takes me straight to my point…

In order to discover our purpose as human beings we need to be connected to our source…

Who have created us? Where did we come from? How did we become who we are on this earth?

Many would have different answers to these questions, but the truth is, if we are not connected to God, it will be impossible to discover our purpose.

Because God is the source of all potential. In Genesis chapter 1 the bible explains that we were created in His image, which means part of His omni-potentiality was deposit into us…

Now, Look at it this way....

There is nothing that you cannot do! Because there is a percentage of the omni-potentiality of God in you since the day that you were born.

Nobody was born with fear of snakes for example. Fear was deposited into us via the opinions of other people, consequently we have set the boundaries to snakes is a big No!

Now snakes are a very exaggerated example.

But the point I want to make is, why do you think that you can’t do something?

There is somewhere in the bible that says, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthen me. With other words I have the potential to do ALL things.

If God planted a seed into your heart, in due time the seed has to spring forth and become a tree.

Ensure yourself from this day forward, to remove the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary.

So, why are we afraid to take steps into our greatest destinies?

Okay Rewind… Let’s go back.

We were born with a purpose inside of us, Check. God is the Source of all potential, Check. We can do all things, Check.

So How Can You Discover Your Purpose?

R. kelly said in one of his songs… “If I can see it, Then I can do it, If I just believe it, There’s nothing to it”

Now, meanwhile I’m writing this post I’m thinking… R.Kelly Sang that he believe he can fly. What does he mean by that, I don’t know?

But the thing I want you to think about is…

What is it that you desperately want to achieve? Think about the things that you have been thinking about recently. What about all your daydreaming?

The fact that you’ve been thinking them and dreaming about them already means that you can do it!

I believe this is the first way to discover your purpose.

Think about that one thing you can do, or that one thing you are good at but you are not doing? Allow your imagination to process. 

If you thought about it, it’s because you can do it! 

Have Courage

I love how Myles Monroe explained potential, he said:

Potential is dormant ability, reserved power, untapped strength, unused success, hidden talents, capped capabilities…

Your purpose, passion, and potential are always walking together.

Sometimes we think of purpose like something so difficult to discover. But it is already in you, calling out your name awaiting to be discovered.

From a little age I knew that I was to be a talented girl. Everywhere I went or every time I was sitting in front of a table, automatically I would start drumming beats.

As I continue to grow, I remember how my brother went to drumming lessons and I used to stand by far and listen to how he plays.

And without any guidance I would play the exact same beat.

I could’ve started playing drums at a much younger age in front of people, but I never had the courage to do so. After many years when I was about 20 years old, I decided to take my hidden talent and expose it.

It’s time to find and expose your purpose, gifts and hidden talents. You already have it. It’s there within you. You’ve been thinking about it. It has been going on in your mind, but you chose to leave it into the back of your head.

Take courage and bring it forth!

Don’t walk with the idea “I would never do it, I’ll always be like this.” “I’m not one of the lucky ones”

You have what it takes to be the best version of you! So, break the bad habit of thinking that you will never achieve anything. And bring forth the purpose that God has placed in you since the day you were born.  He is the only one capable of doing all things.


Don’t let the world and opinions of others determine your purpose or potential. The only one who can dictate your purpose is the one who has created you.

Sometimes we take all those tests at school only to find out we are a D student. And we will go through life with the idea that we will not be anything more than a D. Because some man-made test said so.

Listen, your capability is not determined by human tests. Remember you are full of potential. Change your perspective to see it that way. “I am capable of doing all things, because God said so.”

I hope that through this post you have found clarity and answers to your questions.

Check out this book by John C. Maxwell on how to break free from all your limitations.

#Stay Blessed

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  1. Dharma Rocks

    Oh my god I LOVED this! It’s so true. Socitey can easily make so many of us feel small and unable to pursue our desires. But it has no real power over us, unless we allow it to. Brilliant. Wise wise words Jayne. 🙂 Dharma x

  2. Partha Banerjee

    HI Jayne,

    This was beautiful to read, so I thank you for that.

    I love the analogy of the seed, the soil, and the tree. This spoke to me on a higher level.

    I’ve never actually stopped to REALLY think aboput the many things I daydream about, but you are right.

    Sometimes our purpose and passion are right in front of us, but for some reason we fail to see it, and can spend what seems like an eternity looking for an answer.

    Thank you once again for your wonderful insights on this subject.

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