4 Reasons Why You Should Quit A Job You Hate

4 Reasons Why You Should Quit A Job You Hate

4 Reasons Why You Should Quit A Job That You Hate

To quit a job that you hate means to break free from the very thing that is costing you your peace of mind…

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If you are reading this post, then chances are that you are tired and burnt out from your current workplace. You don’t know what to do. Maybe you’re afraid of leaving that place because of all the uncertainties in the world right now. Or you need the security that your job provides.

I totally understand! As human beings; we have all been there or will at least go through it. Sometimes you’re so tired you can’t even begin to explain why you are tired. But if you ought to be honest with yourself, you know why you are this tired.

One of the biggest mistakes we tend to make is that we settle for less than we deserve. Just because it seems “safe” and “secure”, we go with whatever flows. But at the end of the day, we are so drained, and emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted.

Taking this into consideration, here are 4 reasons why you should quit a job that you hate.

1. Because Your Heart Wants More…

Before I tell you why you should quit a job, it’s important to ask one question. What do you really hate about your job?

You see, when people initially start working at a specific place they are excited. They will do their best to become a good employee. But after a while, they realize that what they are being made to do on the job is not what their hearts truly desire.

As a result, they start complaining and become grumpy people. Everything will become annoying, and they don’t find fulfillment from their job. But the reality is that they’re missing something. There’s a disconnection between their job and what their heart desires. They know that there’s gotta be more; a deep need for meaning. But they just can’t find it.

Therefore, it’s important to analyze why you’ve reached the point of hating your job. There has to be a reason why you are unsatisfied with it. Maybe that reason is that you are not walking on the path of your calling. So, what is it that you truly desire? Find it and work on it! By staying at a job you hate; you are just tormenting yourself.

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2. Because You Deserve What You’re Not Getting…

I remember when I used to work at my latest job. I was initially hired to be a call center agent. After they saw my potential, they decided to move me to a more technical department in the call center. I was excited to do the job. I gave all of me to my workplace. As a result, I was being offered to do more. I followed different courses, got more responsibilities and more work tasks.

But all of this came with so many promises like, “you can have the chance to switch to another department”, “better salary”, “more flexible work hours”, etc.

None of these promises became a reality. As a result, I was so angry and disappointed that I was going to my job unsatisfied and with no desire. I became a negative person.

If you are finding yourself in poor condition of service, it’s time to rethink your decisions. You deserve the best. Spending 8 hours a day being angry and unsatisfied will have a huge impact on your health. To avoid reaching this point, it’s advisable to start a side hustle (Click Here to buy the book that talks all about side hustles). Do something that you enjoy. Do it with all your heart because it will pay off!

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3. Because You Hate Your Job

Isn’t it obvious? You don’t need a 2000 words post to convince you why you should quit a job. If you hate your workplace, then maybe it’s time to start searching for something else.

You may hate your job because of the difficult attitude of your boss or colleagues. Sometimes the job itself has nothing to do with the problem. But because of constant problems between colleagues and managers, or favoritism and injustice taking place, you end up hating your job.

If you are spending 8 to 10 hours a day with negative people, guess what will happen to you? This is very dangerous and draining. The negative aura and environment will definitely affect and influence you.

Have you ever experienced someone playing a song that you do not know, but that song is stuck in your head? That’s exactly what happens when you are constantly surrounded by negative and toxic people.

So, you might want to analyze what is best for you.

4 reasons why you should quit a job
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4. Because if You Don’t, You Will End Up Hating Yourself!

This one is so deep, but also so true!

After I quit my job, I felt like a person that needed to learn life all over again. Because I gave my all to my job, that I’ve lost myself completely. I remember asking myself, how did I allow myself to reach this point? It’s crazy!

I had no desire or excitement to do anything. It was a routine of waking up, going to work, returning from work, sleeping and repeating. How meaningless to live a life without value?

After all, what do people get for all their hard work? Would you sell an hour of your life to a miserable and toxic environment for $15?

So, it’s time to discover your purpose. If you are here on earth today, it’s because there’s a purpose only you can fulfill. It’s time to expose it and live up to it. Your potential to succeed is infinite. Never doubt yourself.

Conclusion: Quit a Job That You Hate

Why would you want to live a miserable life if you deserve the best? If you don’t find joy or satisfaction with your job, it’s time to analyze your options. You don’t want to end up with a low performance, which will affect you for your next job. Or you don’t want to end up sitting 8 hours a day looking at the clock because you want to go home. You deserve better than that!

After all, this is YOUR life! Choose wisely what you want to do with it.

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  1. Amanda Kerr

    YES!! More people need to hear this. I quit my job to travel for 4 months with my husband and got to go back to the same job after. It was harder when we came back and now we bought a house so I had to quit again lol! Now I’m doing what I love which is full time blogging! 🙂

    Going to a job you hate really ends up getting emotional draining. More of us need to have that courage to follow our dreams!

  2. Renee

    Absolutely agree with quitting a job you hate. It wears on the soul.

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