How I Mastered My Fear Into Courage

How I Mastered My Fear Into Courage

" Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision."

Winston S. Churchill

Have you ever thought about whom you want to be in life?

This is a story about courage and determination, and as you can see fear does not come in any of these two words.

To be successful you must change your mindset and alter your perspective about life. Be aware that there are two ways; You can decide to stay forever in your comfort zone. Or trigger the status quo and work to reach your full potential.

Reaching your full potential and being successful at the same time is hard work. Staying in the same place is also hard.  Today as you read this post, think about your life choices.

In February 2020, around Valentine’s Day, everything changed for me. Panic, anxiety, and depression were taking over my mind. I woke up in the morning and could not recognize myself.


 Something is very wrong with me. I was completely paralyzed on the left side of my face. How can this be? How am I going to go through life like this? I asked myself.

Questions, questions, and more questions were surrounding me. I was completely overpowered by the dark clouds.

So let’s start at the beginning... What exactly happened?

It all started around 6 months earlier; I was in complete exhaustion. During this time the company I work for became the biggest telecommunication company. The workload became so heavy.

Yet, that wasn’t the issue, the issue was I knew God had much bigger plans for me, but I chose to stay in my comfort zone. As a result, I was almost always mentally tired.

I knew I had so much potential to do much more. But I’ve decided to take the road that the majority took, and played it safe. Although I knew, my salary was not enough; I was going to work frustrated.

In my frustration, I was thinking, “well at least it was paying my bills”. Living from paycheck to paycheck while making my boss richer.

I remember complaining about my salary. Complaining that what they were doing wasn’t fair to me as an employee. But the truth is I had the wrong mindset.

I was blaming them for the decision that I took!

I was the one who choose to get up every morning to go to work, I choose the comfort zone. It was all me, not them! Did you know that the majority of people always choose the “play it safe” road? I was also one of them.

Six months later, I decided I needed to take a break.
Still being in complete denial, I realized I needed to take some time off to rest.
I decided to request a week off. Taking advantage of the fact that I had finally time for myself I decided to schedule a tooth extraction. Because my wisdom tooth had been bothering me for quite some time.

Here comes the tea...

Everything went well, but the next morning after my tooth extraction, it was the opposite of well! I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. As I was “trying” to drink I yelled “WHAT THE HECK!”

After I realized that ALL the water I tried to drink was running from my mouth. I ran to the bathroom to see what was going on and realized I had no movement on the left side of my face.

I was in total shock!

It took me a moment to realize that indeed I had no movement on my face. I was so scared. In deep shock, I cried out loud.

As fear overpowered me, I reached to my phone and called every possible person I could to ask for help.

But, everybody told me “Chill Jayne, soreness is normal after a tooth extraction”.

Deep inside I knew that this was not normal at all.

My husband was at work at the moment, I asked him to please come home immediately.

As soon as he arrived and saw me, he said “baby get dressed we have to go back to the dentist now!”

Unending tears followed.

Can you imagine a surprise like this on Valentine’s Day?

"The Fears we don't face become our limits."

We left for the dentist. He prescribed some medicine and pleaded to use them and wait to see if the situation changes. Unfortunately, nothing changed. It even got worst! I started vomiting, I lost my hearing in my left ear and barely could see with my left eye. Every time I tried to walk I was falling down.In just two words; The Worst.

We went through a series of doctor’s visits. As a result, I was diagnosed with Facial Paralysis called Bell’s palsy. Which means my facial nerve was completely damaged.

a 26-year-old girl with a half side dysfunctional face and there was nothing I could do about it.

It was such a horrible situation. If I’m honest with you guys, I am not an emotional person at all, but this one hit me hard!

Negative thoughts took me over completely, as I was thinking what I am going to do. As the “workaholic” I was I immediately thought about my job! “I could lose my job!” I thought.

We all know that losing a job in 2020 with all the uncertainty going on globally would be devastating.

But it is especially in times of uncertainty that God gives us clarity.

In this unfortunate situation I had two options:

1. To continue crying and allow dark clouds of depression to control me.

Or 2. Take a moment to find the meaning of the lesson I was going through.

I started to leave the first option and took the second one.

I had to snap myself out of depression and take a good look at myself in the mirror and remind myself who I am. At that moment I realized I had to break out of the limits of my comfort zone. And retake my position by not allowing fear to control me any longer.

Because that is the real issue actually, FEAR. Fear that hindered me to take a decision. Dare to fail. Questioning, who is going to pay my bills, instead of using my fear as a motivation to pursue my passion.

“Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough “

How crazy it is, that we allow our lives to be completely shaken to redirect us towards the paths of our calling.
Why are we like that? I knew I had the potential to be whatever I want to be in this life, yet I decided to take the easiest road.

Ask yourself today: “Have I chosen the path that leads towards fulfillment.

Or have I decided that my comfort zone is much better”? Search your life for a moment before answering this question.

Conclusion: Courage over Fear

 Whether you did or did not get anything from what I wrote earlier remember this: YOU have the power over your life, to control all your decisions.

Perseverance is not for the weak. Choose either the easiest way, which usually leads to tiredness and unhappiness. Or you can decide to work on YOU for YOU and find happiness in everything you do.

You do not want to take your dreams to the grave. Apply a transformed mindset in everything you do. If you know you have the potential to be more than what you currently are, get up and start moving. Time will not wait for you. I had to go through it the hard way to realize this. That’s why I’m here writing to you today. It’s time to make things happen and be extraordinary!

To read more about conquering fear and fuel your success, I would like to recommend this blog post which I absolutely love by Brian Tracy.


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