How to Achieve Success Without Giving Up?

How to Achieve Success Without Giving Up?

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Today marked one month since I posted my first blog.

And let me tell you it’s been crazy amazing but there were also moments that I wanted to give up.

I remember how afraid I was before starting my blog. The anxiety of “Will I achieve success with it?” “Am I qualified enough?” “Can I bring valuable content for my readers?” definitely tried to hold me back.

If you’re considering these questions… I want you to think about one question that Robert Schuller once asked:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

I was so afraid to fail that I almost didn’t start my blog.

I wasn’t sure if I am enough, but, it’s the best decision I have ever made.

“Why the best decision?” You may ask.

Because when you take the step towards your dreams, it will bring you an inner satisfaction. Which is impossible to explain.

Picture it like this: you may put your kid on a tree, and tell him to jump.

He’s so afraid and replies to you, to please put him down because he can’t jump for he is afraid.

You keep encouraging him, “You can do it, just jump!”

But he’s debating between doing it and not doing it. You tell him “Come on honey, I believe in you, just jump!”

and he finally finds the courage to jump.

“Mommy I did it, I did it mommy!” he says.  He is happy and proud of himself now.

That’s exactly how it feels...

True success comes when you use your fear to bring your desires into manifestation.

So, I took the step. I did tons of research because I wanted to start on the right path.

After doing different research and read so many blog posts.

I decided to take the initial step and invest in the future.

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I will dedicate one post on how I did it, and how can you do it too. 

It’s also important that you surround yourself with people with the same mindset as you.

Otherwise, the burden would be double.

Meaning, if you want to pursue something and you have people constantly putting you down. It will be hard to pursue your dreams.

I thank God for my friend Anna, she has motivated me to take the step into my purpose and I’m glad I did it.

The importance of never giving up is very essential at the beginning of everything.

Because there will be days that you will question yourself. But consistency is key.

how to find motivation

I remember the days that I wanted to give up.

It felt like, I will not be good enough because my message is not reaching all the people I would love to reach.

I was asking myself questions like “What am I doing wrong?” “What is it that I’m not doing?”

If you didn’t know, I am from the beautiful Island of Curaçao.

And one day I decided to meet with a very known entrepreneur here on my Island.

I wanted to talk about my plans and vision, and he asked me this question: 

  “Konta ku bo pasenshi?” When translated in English it means “How well is your patience?”

I definitely had to take a moment on that question.

Because at that point It was two weeks that I started blogging and I was hoping to have a million page views.

All these businesses reaching out to me etc. yeah, you can call me delusional.

Since that wasn’t the case, I started feeling like giving up and I was lacking motivation.

So, how do you find motivation when you want to give up?

The truth is we will all go through stages where we want to give up. But beware it’s a trap!

Therefore, I wrote 7 motivation phrases to help you during the days that you lack motivation.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.

My first question for you is: what is your vision? How do you mean what is my vision Jayne?

Well, if you don’t have a vision, you will definitely lack motivation in the long term.

Your vision sets a goal. It will hold you accountable for a specific goal.

If you have no vision in the long run you will feel stuck.

See, your vision as your engine.

Taking blogging for example. If you want to start a blog just to make money and with no passion.

Because you think it’s to get money the easy way, My friend, motivation is not what you need.

I mean yes, money is important. But money shouldn’t be the only thing that drives you, because in the run you will get frustrated.

If money is your engine, and you have no passion for what you are doing, then it’s better for you to go and do a 9-5 job.

You want to be able to enjoy whatever you are doing with all your heart.

You must be able to find passion in it.

So, find your vision, write it down, and let it be the motivation to reach your dreams.

Stand firm and let nothing move you.

“The quality that distinguishes a successful person from an unsuccessful one who is otherwise like him is the capacity to manage disappointment and loss.”

John C. Maxwell

Imagine taking a day to do some brand new photoshoot for your Instagram, only to post it and get no likes.

“Hold up, wait a minute” let’s try again you may think. Maybe there was something that went wrong. You post a different one and you get two likes…

I mean, if I put myself in that situation, I would feel all types of insecurities, disappointments, etc.

So it is important to stand firm. Because let me tell you something I’ve learned.
“People love to watch your moves, but hates to give you credit”

So it is important that you stand firm. Be able to pick yourself up. And continue, don’t look to the left nor the right, but keep going forward.

Lean not on your own understanding but ask for advice.

When I first started my blog I told myself that I will not ask anybody for help.

I didn’t want to read any other blogger’s posts that are in the same niche as mine.

That was the worst decision I could’ve made.

We don’t always know everything. We need each other to learn and to grow.

So after being stuck for some days, I decided to start joining different groups.

And listen, the amount of knowledge I’ve gotten, I would’ve never gotten if I had done it on my own.

That was a mistake that I really had to learn.

“I have listened to my mistakes, I have grown”

Hugh Prather

So, do not lean on your own understanding, be always open to look for advice, otherwise you will definitely give up.

Don’t be afraid, you are powerful.

“Stop underestimating yourself, you have the power to build an empire” 

Most of the time we ask ourselves” “What if we fail?”

That’s a normal human reaction. Because we are afraid to deal with our losses.

Once a person experiences a loss the first reaction he would take is to give up.

But the attributes of successful people, is that they are always on the lookout for something to learn.

Because there is a lesson to comprehend each time something is not granted to us.

So, the question should not be “What if I fail?”, but “What if I learn and become a master at my goal?”

You will never fail, you are always learning.

Thus, don’t be afraid, you have a dream or a plan, DO IT! You are powerful.

Success doesn't come overnight.

This is one of the common reasons why people get demotivated.

It’s because they want overnight success.

I wish I could tell you, that’s possible.

Unfortunately, it isn’t. At least not when you want a long term success.

That’s something I am learning, and I’m willing to take you on the journey with me.

During my first month of blogging, I learned a lot.

One of the things that I learned is that if you want long term success, you have to sacrifice.

You have to put a lot of time and work in your ideas, business, etc.

Keep in mind that hard work pays off. So don’t give up.

Remember, to write down your vision and let that be your guidance.

Even when you’ve reached success, don’t forget your vision. Because if a man is rich but has no vision, then he’s poor.

Work hard, never give up, and in the long run, you will see the fruits of your sacrifices.

To wrap it up...
If you are lacking motivation, let this be a confirmation that you can achieve everything.
Despite your current situation. But, it is important for you to remain consistent and never give up.

Change your priorities to find passion in everything you do, and you will see how it will keep you going.

You are far beyond everyone that once wanted to do something, but have decided to stay in their comfort zone.

  Keep going, push yourself to reach your goals. And be a living testimony for the ones around you!

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