Social Media & Mental Health: How to Find Inner Peace?

Social Media & Mental Health: How to Find Inner Peace?

Social Media & Mental Health: How to Find Inner Peace?

Did you know that social media changes your mind? YES. When you are spending too many hours on social media, you will become a follower.

 A follower is someone that has lost the ability to think or form an opinion for him/herself. You will go with whatever is popular or trending opinion. We are being brainwashed forgetting that we are kings and queens. This is a Herd-Mentality. Another way to describe this mentality is “you jump, I jump”.

It’s so sad to live in such an unhappy generation. The pressure that social media provides is so heavy on everybody. If you try to keep up with it, you will just end up depressed and living with anxiety. The pressure demands perfection. How can we deliver perfection if we are just messed up people far away from perfect? It’s just not realistic.

So, let’s talk about mental health in our generation.

social media and mental health

How Do You Get Your Feeling of Importance?

Why does social media affect our mental health? Have you ever thought of that question? And what was your answer? Before proceeding let’s look up the term “Mental health”.

“Hey Google, what is mental health?” A person condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.

Do you think social media can affect our psychological and emotional well-being? I think, yes. This is exactly how dangerous social media can be. Here’s why…

As human beings, we are never satisfied with what we have. This has been an issue since the beginning of time, we always want more. Because of this, we get so comfortable selling our soul as long as we are seen and validated. 

When social media display perfect bodies, rich families, and relationship goals, these are the things that we long for. And since we do not have them, we feel as if we are left behind.

The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important. Everybody has this craving to feel appreciated and important. It’s this desire that makes you want to wear the latest styles, drives the latest cars, and also want to impress people that don’t even know you. It’s these desires that haunt people’s true happiness.

There’s a quote that says, “If you tell me how you get your feeling of importance, I’ll tell you what you are.” Because this is what exactly determines your character.

social media and mental health

How to protect your mental health and avoid the unrealistic desires of social media?

In today’s technological climate, everyone uses some sort of social media. As everything is evolving and changing into a digital world system, we need social media. We cannot forget that there are many benefits when it comes to social media. So, it’s a result of how we choose to use social media that makes the difference.

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Protect Your Mental Health

1. Break free from victim mentality.

Do you know someone you would like to change and improve? Good! But why not begin on yourself?

As human beings, we have the tendency of blaming everybody, but ourselves. We never see fault in our behavior. It is always someone else. Because of this mindset, we see people on social media as our competition, and when we are not appreciated enough, it affects our mental health.

Let me be the first to tell you, the only way to win in life is to be authentic. Comparing yourself to other people, and blaming everything because you are not like them, will only open doors of depression and anxiety. Find awareness of who you are, and live in your truth, and you will be happy.

2. Not everyone on social media is your friend.

Have you ever notice how many people have beef on social media? It’s unreal. There’s a new beef everything on social media. I never quite understood why people are constantly beefing with each other. But if I have to take a guess, I’ll say that people lack honesty and realness. It’s like to be fake is the new normal.

Such a sad thing to live in a generation where people don’t want to be genuinely happy for others. This generation has people driven by ego, money, and status, and this is affecting the mental health of people who wants to keep up.

So, Be raw. Be open. Be real. Hold on to every genuine person you find. Keep your head up and be conscious of the energy you give out and connect with. 

social media and mental health
3. Social media itself can be bad for your mental health.

Despite the benefits of social media. It is also a thief of joy. One of the reasons social media affects your mental health is because you compare yourself to others on social media.

This is very damaging because everybody on social media is trying to portray the best and perfect version of themselves. Far away from reality. And when you compare yourself to something that is not real, it will consume you and leave you unhappy.

If you are here on earth today, that’s because you are special. There’s something in you that the world needs, a purpose only you can fulfill. Please don’t take your potential to the grave by wasting so much time comparing yourself to others. You are powerful! Work on yourself, find your true colors and be the authentic person you were born to be.

4. Be happy the way you are and with what you have.

Lastly, be happy. Be happy because you want to be happy, not because others are happy. Stop wishing for what you don’t have because it will affect your mental health. Instead, work on the things that you desire. This moment is the only moment that exists, right now!

Wishing things others have is comfortable, but damaging to your soul. Instead, ask yourself, “what is it that I want?” The secret to success is to stop wishing and start doing.

“Your journey is yours alone. Stop waiting for somebody to give you approval. Just get out there and do whatever makes you happy”

social media and mental health

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