What is Life: An Interesting Way To Live A Happier Life

What is Life: An Interesting Way To Live A Happier Life

What is Life: An Interesting Way To Live a Happier Life

What is life besides living and dying? Are our lives of any value if we are just going to die, anyway?

One certain thing about life is that there’s a season for everything. And that’s for everything you can possibly imagine. We can compare our lives to an elevator, we are constantly in a high and low season.

Sometimes we find ourselves longing for the “good old days”, but those days will never be returned to us. Our lives are constantly in transformation. Things we used to do back then, we’re not doing anymore. Things we are doing now, will not be done in the future.

So, what is there to do? What is life, really? How do we live our lives in the best way possible?

what is life

What is Life: The Injustice of Life

2020 woke so many people who have buried their lives up. People who had dreams, and desires, but gave up along the way because of fear. Also, because of the pandemic we’re facing, it has also scared people to the point that they cannot focus on anything else besides the current situation.

As the year has parted into two, and we’re still battling everything this year is throwing at us. It’s a good time to analyze what value do you bring to your life and your surroundings. Sometimes we get so caught up to the current situation, that we have no time to work and develop ourselves.

You know, one thing I’ve learned during this pandemic is that it can be whatever you want it to be. You can spend your days watching the news, reading the newspaper, and scare and depress yourself because things don’t seem to be getting better. Or you can take advantage of the pause life has given each of us and look for the things that for so long you have postponed.

At the end of the day, the same destiny ultimately awaits everyone. Good people receive the same treatment as bad people. I know, it seems so unfair and wrong that everyone under the sun suffers the same fate. But there’s nothing ahead but dead anyway.

what is life? life is about the choices you make.

Live Your Life The Best Way Possible

So, while you have time here on earth, why not enjoy the life that you have. Dedicate your days to live a happy life. Look for the things you wanted for so long to learn about. Discover why you are here on earth. 

Live a unique and fulfilling life. Because there’s no competition outside the one with self. In other words, you have to be better than you were the day prior and never allow yourself to default. Take time to enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have.

The funny thing about life is that it never comes with instructions. We are out here living and surviving each day, making decisions that we think are the best for us. But is it really? Who knows? 

We can never predict when hard times might come. We certainly did not predict that the current pandemic will take over most of our year. Maybe we had so many plans, we wanted to do so much, but a crisis has fallen upon us all. We are like birds in a trap, caught by sudden tragedy.

Unfortunately, we have no control over these tragedies. When sudden and unknown tragedy hit our doors, we tend to panic and give in into desperation. We tend to forget that we still have control over our lives. We still have control over our decisions, thoughts, and actions.

Don't Take Your Potential to The Grave!

The other day I was listening to a video on YouTube and the person said, “Do you know where there are many treasures? “Now, everybody was so excited to hear where there was treasure. The person continues and says “There are many treasures in the grave”. Everybody was like “Huh, how do you mean?”

 He continued “There are so many people that have taken their potential, gifts, talents, and successes to the grave without unfolding them.” That powerful statement has touched many lives that day.

 It’s a shame to live and die without unfolding who you really are. There are many people that have so many possessions but still are not happy. People with fame and wealth but still dealing with anxiety and depression. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness?

Do not take your potential to the grave

What is Life?

Here’s a change of perspective for you. Despite the uncertainty in the world, you still have control over your life. You can choose to use that control to better yourself, by discovering who you really are and creating a meaning for your life. 

By doing what you love and what you’re good at. Freedom is still gifted to you every day when you can wake up from your bed, you can eat, and do whatever you want to do. 

So, what are you doing with your life right now? Think about the following question. Why are you living? And what are you willing to die for? Take a moment and answer these questions.

Make Each Second Count!

 I think it’s time to be happy again. Do not let the concept of change scare you as much as the concept of staying unhappy. 

There’s nothing better than living a happy life. Enjoy yourself as long as you can. Live a life that influences people around you. Because what’s the point of living, if you’re living for yourself? 

And most importantly… Always stay true to yourself.


what is life?

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