7 Life-Changing Skills That You Need to Develop Right Now

7 Life-Changing Skills That You Need to Develop Right Now

7 Life-Changing Skills That You Need to Develop Right Now...

“Where are you a year from now is a reflection of the choices you choose to make right now”


We can compare our lives with a house. If you own a house or are living in a house, then you know that a house needs constant improvement.This month the lights went off, you need to buy new light bulbs. Next month it’s the kitchen sink. And the month after that it’s the bathroom toilet. We can see our lives the same way. As we continue to grow there is always something There’s always a new step to take. Always new skills to develop.

As human beings, we can never settle for the things that we have already accomplished.Did you know that one of the greatest enemies of potential is success? If you decide to settle for what you already have, or know, or have accomplished, you will never reach your true potential.

So let’s look up 7 skills you can develop right now in order to achieve greatness and reach your full potential.

7 skills to develop right now

1. The ability to discern between what is correct and what is not.

One of the worst decisions we can make is to take decisions when we are emotional. Just as emotions come, they go. But the decisions that we make are there, and it’s our responsibility to deal with them.

So the best way is to avoid unnecessary emotional-based decisions. And on the other hand, the best way to gain the knowledge to judge between good or bad is through discernment.

How can you develop the discernment skills ?

Many people will answer this question by saying: “listen to your intuition”. While there’s nothing wrong with that. But to develop the ability of discernment is to connect yourself with your source.

According to Wikipedia: Intuition may be defined as understanding or knowing without conscious recourse to thought, observation or reason. … The processes that make up intuition are learned, not innate. While discernment is the ability to distinguish.

The only thing that can help us develop discernment is our spirits. Think about your spirit. The deepest knowledge about ourselves comes to us through our spirit.

We can’t do anything deeper than our spirits reveal. So it’s important to connect your spirit to the one that gives true knowledge. And that is to develop a relationship with God. Surrender your life to Jesus and He will deposit his Holy Spirit inside you that will help you discern between good and evil.

2. The ability to speak out.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable. But they’re never weaknesses.”


I want to tell you a story of a man. He couldn’t speak well because he had stuttering issues. Even though this man had a speaking disability, he was the biggest known leader. Because he managed to release a group of people from slavery.

So, before he could have released the people, he had to speak to the master of the slaves. But remember he couldn’t speak well, so that made him insecure. He went to the one that gave him the instructions to release the people from slavery.

He said: “Listen, I think you’ve chosen the wrong person, I can’t even speak well. How do you mean, I have to face those slave masters and speak up to release the people?”

Guess what he received for an answer. “Uhmm, who makes people’s mouth? Who decides whether people speak or do not speak?” So what exactly did he mean?

Let’s be real here, many people will not expose their potential because of their physical disabilities.

So they will think “Life has not been good to me.” But listen darling, God has given you a skill or ability that the world needs. You are so much more than you expect from yourself.

Do your research, some of the greatest minds in the world are in wheelchairs. Some of them can’t even talk. So what is stopping you?

How can we develop the skills to talk properly?

Beat the odds! That’s it.

Don’t think: “Because I have a physical condition or my parents are alcoholic, or my dad is a junky, I can’t reach my potential.”

  Beat the odds! Practice self-confidence. Never look down when you’re talking. Watch people straight in their face. Make sure that when your tone comes out, it comes out strongly enough out.

If you have a disability, own it. If the miracle didn’t present itself yet, own it, it’s yours. Don’t allow that to break your confidence. As they say: “practice makes perfect”.

Jayne Prince - 7 skills to develop right now
3. The ability to think wisely and make your choices the right way.

As human beings, it’s so hard to practice “think wisely” or “choose wisely.” Out of 10 decisions that we make 9 of them are emotionally based.

Do you believe you can walk in a prison and meet some of the greatest men and women in the world? I believe yes.

They made poor decisions. They made misjudgments. But that does not invalidate their potential.

Because of poor decisions and because of our way of thinking we can find ourselves delaying the blessings that God has for us.

Ask yourself, what does God see in you after the decision you just made or the thoughts that you just thought?

How can you develop the ability to think correctly?

The best way to develop your thinking skills to never take decisions right away. Give your thoughts 24 hours’ rest before making a final decision.

On the other hand, make sure that every time that you encounter yourself in bad thoughts, you snap yourself out of it.

Develop the habit of making decisions consciously.  It’s important to analyze everything in our lives.

Sometimes we are too much in a rush causing us to make decisions that we later regret.  But why don’t you change the strategy now? Every time that you must make a decision, give It a 24-hour rest.

4.The ability to teach and lead.

“It doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what you are doing.”


Do you see yourself as a teacher? Or more than that, a leader? Did you know the leading skills was freely given to all of us?

When God created the earth He gave one instruction: To dominate the earth. So, your purpose for being is to dominate and rule the earth.

Let’s take an example. God did not create you to go to church. You go to church because you need to relearn how to live again (that’s a topic for another day).

But God created you to dominate and rule the earth (Gen 1:26-28).

That is strong leadership right there. He has placed in you the capacity to do what He has asked you to do, which is the ability to teach and lead.

Sometimes we are so quick to give God a: “But.” Because we still do not understand the potential he has placed inside of us.

Understand that when God tells you to dominate and rule the earth, he is pointing to a potential that lies deep within you.

How can we develop teach and leading skills?

The ability is already inside of you, now it’s time to bring It forth.

One of the best ways to accept this is to change your perspective to see yourself as a leader.

See yourself as a leader, everywhere you go, and with everything you touch. Are you constructing or destroying lives?

To accept and develop the leadership skills deposited into you, you have to start by asking God for wisdom.

You cannot lead without wisdom or understanding. So start there Ask God to open your mind to see things differently. Lastly, affirm knowledge and understanding over your life.

5. The ability to find joy in the midst of uncertainty.

“We can choose joy even in the midst of the unexpected.”


Nothing is permanent except God and his promises.

Let’s look at this year 2020. What can we conclude so far? It wasn’t what we expected when we wished all our families and friends “a new year” in December 2019.

2020 is definitely a year of uncertainty. It was just one thing after another.

Very unpopular opinion: Uncertainty is good because it will shake you from remaining in your comfort zone.

We need changes in our lives. Just as the world needs 4 seasons a year. We need change.

The leaves may fall from the trees, and the weather may change. But God never changes.And Because God and His promises never change, we can find joy even in the uncertainty.

How can we develop the ability to find joy in the midst of the uncertain?

By making it a reality in your mind that whatever is happening is not permanent. And that’s it.

It’s not permanent. God is in charge of all the changes. Therefore, it does not matter what is happening because it cannot last.

There will be an end to every crisis. To find joy, we have to develop the right mindset to see the uncertainty as something that will pass.

How do we do this?

Every time you find yourself, worrying, and stressing over a situation. Remember and write it down: This will not last. Difficult seasons are God’s way of guaranteeing improvement.

6. The ability to remain patient even though nothing makes sense.

“Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time”

– Joe Kabat-Zinn

How well is your capacity to accept or tolerate delay? Or your capacity to accept trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset?

Well, that’s a hard question…

Sometimes we say things like “I don’t have the patience for it.” We say such words all the time. But think for a brief second how everything played out in your life, when you chose not to wait, or not to remain patient?

Did you make the situation better because of your lack of patience? Or did you make it bigger and unnecessary just because of your lack of patience?

Patience is the key to achieve success in every area of our lives. It helps us to stay in the moment. And not make irrational decisions.

So how can you develop your patience skills?

Slow down. Most of us want to live a fast-paced life which makes patience difficult. But slow down. For a moment, pay attention to your breathing. Did you know you can control your breathing to go slow or fast?

The same way we have to control our lives. We have to sometimes slow down, and allow God to take control of the situation.

Think. Using your thoughts to manage your emotions is key to developing patience. How can you do this? By focusing on the bigger picture. Ask yourself “Is there more to it, than what I’m just focusing on?”

Choose. You have control over your life, choose then to be more patient. Tell Yourself “I am going to take things patiently.” Self-talk is a very important aspect of thinking. Because we can choose our thoughts. Which one do we allow, or which one do we delete.

7 skills to develop right now
7. Develop self-control skills

“If you can learn self-control, you can master anything”


Self-control. “Oh Lord I can’t control myself” or “I can’t control my facial expression.”

Isn’t that what most of us will say when it comes to “self-control?”

Let me change your thinking by letting you know that you have a deposit of God’s ability!

Any person who sets a limit on what he can do, also sets a limit on what he will do. #DEEP

Think about it for yourself, If I tell you, Linda it’s important to control yourself, and the first answer you give is “I can’t control myself”. What did you do right there? You have set a limit to the things that you will do.

If you want to achieve long-term goals, it’s very important to develop self-control behavior.

How can you develop self-control?

When God was depositing skills and abilities inside of His children, self-control was also one of them. Read Galatians 5:22.

God deposited into us the fruits of His spirit, and self-control was also in the fruits basket.

Pray. Ask God to bring the fruit that he has deposited into you forth. By asking him to give you his Spirit. The spirit of wisdom and determination.

Plan. If you know that you have a hard time controlling yourself when things go out of hands, then it’s important to make plans.

Research has found that planning ahead can improve willpower even in situations where people have experienced the effects of “ego depletion.”

Pursue Persistently. Sometimes we are ready to give up. Because of a lack of self-control, our first reaction towards failures or things that did not go our way is to give up.

But here is the amazing thing of pursuing persistently. No matter how much you have failed, you get up and keep going until you achieve success.

This attitude requires good self-control skills.

Therefore, work on your self-control. Because if you can develop self-control you can master anything!

Conclusion: Skills that you need to develop right now!

Your ability needs responsibility to expose its possibility. Do what you can with what you have where you are.

– Theodore Roosevelt

We have gone through 7 skills that you need to develop right now.

To improve yourself and become the best version of yourself. The best version of you requires sacrifices and change.

As we continue to grow, it’s important that you always are open to learning new stuff. Make sure you always walk with the mindset that your life needs constant improvement. And until you are utterly satisfied

How will you be applying these 7 skills?

7 skills to develop right now

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