2 Ways That I Believe Can End Racism

2 Ways That I Believe Can End Racism

As a black girl, coming from an island that used to trade slaves, I want to share my opinion about the importance of black lives and why I think we are still battling racism today …

The recent murder of George Floyd caused the world to become so angry.

So we all felt the need to rise and fight back because of injustice.

I mean, I saw the video and couldn’t watch it till the end… A visual scene of straight modern torture. I won’t go in all details of the murder of George Floyd because most of us saw the video.

But, the video that we saw, is just one of the thousand cold-blooded murders of our black brothers and sisters.

I want to take you back at the beginning of it all and how this is the main reason we are still battling racism up to this day.

Grab your drinks and your snacks and open your mind to understand what we will go through in this post.

So As I stated, I am from the Island of Curacao where the Dutch used to trade slaves.

Thus, I’m going to talk about one specific slave that made an impact and became a legend on the people of Curaçao

But before I do that I want to say that:

nobody is born a racist.

 Racism passed down unto our children and adults for generations. It’s very unfortunate that we needed to learn via our parents about which group we belong to. 

The white teaches their kids that the blacks are bad people.

Meanwhile, as a defense mechanism, the black teaches their kids that the whites are bad people.

The question is, who is really the bad one?

So, Since I am from Curaçao I want to tell you about a legend slave named “Tula.”

Around the 17th century, Curaçao became a good supplier of sugar. It also became an important trade route especially the Atlantic slave trade. The Dutch were buying and selling slaves on Curacao.
Many of the enslaved people lived and died in poverty. They were under harsh conditions because of ill-treatment. This led to tension between the Dutch and the Africans. They were being forced to work as slaves.
Slavery has been widespread in Africa. And still continues today in some African countries.

(I want to know why Africa. If someone has that answer, please let me know.)

In 1795, there was much resentment between the colonist and the enslaved people. This tension led to a slave rebellion.

Tula Rigaud was a local slave on the Knip plantation. He led the slaves who were working on the plantation to a request to the plantation owners. That they must put an end to collective punishment.

The plantation owners ignored their request. So, Tula planned a rebellion for a few weeks. On August 17, 1795, he joined forces with three other slaves to start a revolt against their slave masters after their demand was not met.


I want to quickly cut in the story to address the first bullet point....

The majority of black people around the world came from enslaved backgrounds… which means that we came from slavery.

This has been the issue from the start. It was never the White’s intention to see us (black people) become equal or better than them.

Since the beginning of slavery, the whites had the authority over the black/ slave communities. They were masters over the black slaves.

The white community is afraid for the blacks to be equal or superior to them as white people.

And that is exactly how racism was born…

Let’s continue with the story about Tula.

The rebellion started with Tula leading close to 50 slaves. They went to their master, Caspar Lodewijk van Uytrecht, to let him know that they were no longer his slaves.

After which they marched off to Fort Amsterdam to free several slaves who were in jail.

The growing group of rebels then went off to several plantations. They were meeting other lead rebels to proclaim themselves free. As they immediately abandon their plantations.

Meaning, the slaves (black community) were tired of how they were treated by the whites…

I don’t know about you, but this is still going on today in 2020.

Example: People working so hard only to get a 1/4 quart of the cake as salary. When stating their opinions and feelings, they’re being shut down like it’s either take it or leave it…

Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream.” A dream to see freedom and equality for the colored people. We are still fighting for that dream right now.

By the evening of August 17, Tula and his rebels had succeeded in freeing thousands of slaves. And went on to camp on the sandy bay of Portomari where the Dutch tried to attack them but they managed to defeat them.

The Curacao slave revolt of 1795 lasted for more than a month. It became a bloody battle between the enslaved people and their masters.

"racism" how to end racism

You know what’s the saddest thing about this story?

In 1795 the slaves were fighting for freedom, justice and equality. Today in 2020 we are still fighting for the same thing.

The fight is still going on. We fight for justice. Against all the white racist police officers that use the law to oppress the black people. We fight for freedom. Against the people who think that they are better than us because we have different skin colors.

On the 3rd of October, 1795, Tula was publicly tortured until he died to serve as a warning to other slaves.

Because of the bravery of Tula, he became the role model to many others, by saying fight for your rights!

'"Rioting and rebellion is the language of the unheard."

Martin Luther King jr
While researching this story I immediately remembered George Floyd. He cried, begged for his life, and died.
This pushed the entire country of the United States to open their eyes to see what’s going on. And pushed us all to join forces and fight back.
Because Black Lives Matter!

So through this story, you can see that the black people were never meant to be free according to the white community…

We were always suppressed  killed and tortured without justice by our masters.

And this mentality kept passing through generations. As a result, it led us to today’s rioting and manifestation.

Who do you think you are as a white person to think that you are better than me because of my skin color?

And as the years continue to go by, the black community kept fighting for their rights. But never truly gained this. Because racism kept passing through from generation to generation.

So How do we eliminate Racism and become truly free?

I believe that nobody is born racist.

So to stop racism we have to stop teaching our children that white or black is the problem.

I mean it doesn’t even make sense. We are living in a new generation. And we are still fighting for our rights as black people.

So stop teaching our children who is good and who is bad!

As I continued to read more and more stories on slavery, the light 💡 went on in my mind…

Even though slavery is abolished in most parts of the world, equality rights were never truly given…

The first way to end racism is by changing the system!

Everybody is equal.  Therefore we demand equality back!

The big question is, are we willing to make a change?

Racism has been going on for thousands of years…

Tula died for the good cause of freedom. Martin Luther King died because he wanted his black brothers and sisters free. But, we are still fighting racism.

This is a very complex question. It’s not easy to be free while we are being attacked because of our skin colors.

And the other way around even though we are lawfully free, but enslaved by our way of thinking, we will never truly see freedom

So are we willing to make a change?

No matter what your opinion might be, BLACK LIVES MATTER! It has mattered in the past and it still DOES matter today!

In order for all lives to have significance, we should all change our mindsets to be a change!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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  1. Sierra

    I love this post. Thank you for sharing your story ❤️ I truly think it is so important to continue to educate ourselves and others in order to make this world a better place! I will continue to do my part and everything I can to continue to fight for the black lives matter movement! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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