3 Healing Steps to Help You Move Forward In Life

3 Healing Steps to Help You Move Forward In Life

We choose to heal and we choose to move forward by being brave and vulnerable enought to heal

Desmond Tutu

“HELP! HELP! Somebody please help me…”

It was around 7 pm when he asked Sarah to go to the beach with him… Since It’s an adventurous experience, she said: “Heck Yeah” let’s go.

She was so excited because her mind already thought about the fun, she was going to have with her “boyfriend”. So, she got dressed, put on her cute swimming suit. She filled her bag with all the beach necessities, and hopped into his car.

“We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry…”

As they arrived at the beach, it was dark and cold. Sarah was thrilled to enter the water because of the cold. But hey, it is an adventure, so after counting to ten she told herself “come on girl you got this!” She then entered the water.

Sarah was the first to enter, and then her boyfriend entered. They were the only people in the water at that moment.

As she was swimming and looking around, enjoying the night and the water waves she suddenly started to feel like somebody was choking her… “WHAT IS GOING ON”!

“Hey, what the heck are you doing” she asked … No answer. “Are you okay? Why are you choking me?” The choking started to get tighter and tighter. At this point it became almost impossible for her to breathe. Suddenly, she started drowning in the water…

“HELPPPPP! Somebody please, help me.”

With the little strength that Sarah had, she started screaming! At this point she already thought she was going to die, because they were the only ones in the water… so she started praying… “Jesus, please help me.”

It was at that moment, that a man came out of nowhere and punched her so-called boyfriend. After battling she managed to break loose from his aggressive hold. She swam for her life and went to the shore and managed to get in her car and drove away…

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Anger, hatred, sadness and disappointment overpowered Sarah. For two days straight she remained in bed, pounding her soul out. She was completely overpowered by hatred. 

“Hatred is like a long, dark shadow... it’s like a two-edged sword. When you cut the other person, you cut yourself”

Haruki Murakami

So, what can I say about this… when you allow your emotions to overpower you, it will be the worst decision you made.

“Whatever triggers you, may reveal what you need to be healed from.”

Let’s be real here, sometimes it takes us years to move on. Because the people we trusted the most, wanted to hurt us.

It is difficult to find closure if we never understood why people wanted to hurt us… Maybe it was not intentional, maybe it was just collateral damage, but the truth is we are hurt, and it is important to find healing.

So, How can I find healing and move forward?

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

I have assembled 3 healing tips that over the years have helped me move forward from different situations without a closure and found internal healing.

1. Accept that it happened. Be true to yourself.

The first step to find healing is always acceptance. Why? Because you cannot heal if you don’t accept that you’re hurting. Acceptance gives clarity. It will change your perspective to see the things you cannot change.

Be true to yourself. Be true to your feelings.

To understand your emotions, you must be willing to feel them.

You know the thing about acceptance, if you do not accept your reality, you can remain stuck for an exceedingly long time without going anywhere.

Therefore, I want to encourage you today. Be able to breathe in and feel the emotions, be true to yourself. Yes, it happened and it did hurt, But now you are choosing to love yourself and move forward in life.

2. There is no closure. Close the chapter manually.

For so many years because of going through many hurts in my life, I have lived an insecure life. I have projected my insecurities and fears on everybody I’ve met. Why? Because I wanted to know, why me? “Was I the problem?” “Was there something wrong with me?” I was constantly questioning myself.

I had to learn that not everything that happens to me is my fault, I just had to accept that.

So, close the chapter. There is no reason to find closure where there isn’t any. Accept the reality and let it go. It wound do you any good keeping that book open, in fact, you will be missing out on life, because your perspective is not set correctly.

Get up and change your teary clothes. That was the past, and you are moving forward once again!

To move forward is very important. Wanna know why? Let me put it like this…

Have you experienced a grown person with an 8-year-old mindset? Yeah, that’s exactly what will happen if we remain stuck in the past. The years will continue to go by, while we are still looking at that specific situation.

Why not change your perspective to see that you’re alive, which means everyday there’s a second chance. Dare by letting go.

” The Quicker you choose to move forward, The quicker the suffering ends”

3. Forgive yourself

I know this is easier said than done.

Why should I forgive myself if it was him that hurt me?

You may have heard this already, but forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person. It is a way of setting yourself free.

Love yourself enough to let go of the hurt. And walk in your freedom. You are meant to be free, and you are meant to be happy.

And most importantly, cast all your anxieties unto God, because he cares for you.

We cannot move forward without repentance. And therefore, you must go to God. Ask Him to take your hurts and pain away. Allow God to give you clarity at your darkest moments. He will never break your heart.

There is a reason for everything that happens with us, nothing is a coincidence.

I had to learn that my story will one day inspire others. Genuinely accept it, and let go. Change your perspective to understand the lesson about the hurt and decide to walk in your freedom by forgetting what is behind you and reaching for what is in front of you!

You are a fighter, a winner and an overcomer!

To Conclude

In order to overcome hate and allow healing to overflow, you must make a conscious decision to accept the reality for yourself. Close the chapter for good because it will do you no good by hating the person. Forgive yourself for putting yourself in hurtful situations. It isn’t always easy to walk away and move forward from hate, especially if you know you were the victim of the story. But to remain with a hateful attitude is like locking yourself in a basement and throwing the keys away. Therefore, forgive them and forgive yourself as well, then walk in your freedom.

“Somethings will break your heart, but will fix your vision”.


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