How to Regain Self-Confidence After a Crisis

How to Regain Self-Confidence After a Crisis

What is a “crisis”?
How bad does a situation have to be in to be considered a “crisis”?

How can you regain your self-confidence back after difficulties knock on your door?

What if your crisis was a disability?
How do you overcome your anxiety and face the world again?

Throughout our lives, we will all face many crises.

Perhaps what I consider a crisis, for you it may not be. But the truth will remain that we will all face difficulties.

What is a crisis anyway…

A crisis is an event over which one has no control. They are experiences that you did not expect or prepare for.

They take you completely by surprise. In other words, a crisis forces the issue.

You cannot control it when it has come upon you. It can feel as if dark clouds have completely overpowered you and you’ve lost control.

Try to imagine an ant walking on your table.

To make the ant’s life miserable you went and covered the ant with a glass.

Everything changed at that moment for the ant. If he was on his way to get food for the rest of the family, the whole setting has changed.

So, the ant has lost control of the situation. That is exactly how crisis work.

The truth is everything in life happens for a reason.

In other words, there is a reason why we go through a crisis. Nothing is a coincidence.

It’s up to you to find an understanding of the situation you are going through. And with the right attitude, you can decide to deal with it.

“The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow”

Robert Tew

About three months ago I was diagnosed with facial paralysis. Which means my face has functionality only on one side. A 26 year old girl with a weird looking face…

Without anticipation and without hesitation a crisis fell upon me.

I couldn’t control the situation, I couldn’t prepare myself for what just fell upon me… Anxiety, sadness, stress was all I could think of.

And the question kept popping in my mind...

“How can I regain self-confidence after going through a crisis?”

Today, we are going to answer that question.

There are so many people walking around with no self-confidence.

So many people with insecurities because of a difficult situation they went through. And their lives changed forever.

Because of this, they feel alone, lost and many times they isolate themselves.

If you’re going through the same, I want you to know that I feel you, I’m with you and I do understand you.

It doesn’t matter what crisis you are going through today. It is important for you to understand that nothing in life is to be feared, but everything is to be understood.

God had something he wanted to teach me in my crisis. So I had to take a moment and ask “What season am I in?” “What is the lesson of this crisis?”  This is exactly what I recommend you to do today. Try to understand the message you must learn behind your crisis.

“ Hardship often prepare ordinary people, for an extraordinary destiny…”

C.S Lewis

So before anything else, here are 4 ways to regain self- confidence after going through a crisis:

1. Face your fears

After going through a crisis, fear is an emotion that will definitely join the game. The only way to grow is to look at those fears in the eyes and declare that they have no control over your life.

“The quickest way to get self-confidence is to do exactly what you are afraid to do”

After diagnosed with facial paralysis. Fear overpowered me.

I was asking myself, “What will people think when they see me with a dysfunctional face?”

I was so afraid to get out of the house, I didn’t want people to see me like this at all.

As a result, I felt like, hiding  in a box not to come out of it again.

But, as time passed by, I had to let go of my fear and grow from it.

Now, It’s your turn to take a step ahead. Decide on your new direction.

You can!! Make it work.

Don’t be afraid! This is the new you: Stronger, wiser, you’ve made it! You survived!
Let go of negative thoughts. They are there to keep holding you back from grabbing the lessons and move forward to greatness.

Go forth. Think wisely, focus on moving forward.

2. Change your perspective

There’s a saying that your problem is your gift. The situations that knock us down or push us back are the same situations that have the potential to move us forward, If we only look at them a little differently.

To regain self-confidence you have to change your perspective.

You have to see the value of the hardship you went through.

because without it, there was no lesson and no growth.

Embrace your struggles because they are the ones that will move you forward.

The importance of changing your perspective is that it really changes the game.

Let’s say there’s this lady that wants to lose weight, and decides to go to the gym.

The instructor told her to give him 5 jumping jacks. The instructor didn’t even finish the sentence and she immediately said she can’t.

So what did the instructor do after that? He started to help the lady change her mindset from “I can’t” to “I can.”

He told her: “Let’s try to do it at the beginner’s level.”

So she began, she did one.. the instructor told her: “You see you did one, now let’s continue for two, now three, now four and five. You did it!”

Changing your perspective will definitely change the game!

3. Live in the present

So many people are not overcoming their hardships. Because they are not altering their perspectives. It is important to live in the present.

Imagine a kid that got angry at his parents because they took his toys away from him last night. 

Even though he was angry at his parents the night before, each morning he wakes up happy to see his mom and dad.

It’s a new day, so he is not focusing on that time he got angry any longer.

He knows that each day begins with great and new possibilities.

Every day you spend time focusing on the situation of the past you are losing on life.

Be grateful for the hardship you went through because it taught you how strong you are.

4. Get back up

You’ve cried and pounded enough. Now, it’s time to get back up. I remember I was going through days in which I didn’t even want to shower. All I wanted to do is stay in bed and forget it all.

But staying in bed and forgetting it all will not help me and it will not help you.

You have to reach your highest potential. Remember there’s a reason for our crisis. There is something that you need to learn during this hardship.

There is a purpose to reach which lies behind your crisis. Find it!

So get up, clean up your eyes. Practice affirmations. And see how everything will start to make sense.

“Change doesn’t begin when we get knocked on our ass. It begins the moment we decide to get back up on our own feet”

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

Lastly, I want you to know that I am proud of you. It doesn’t matter what situation you went through. What matters is that you want to become a better person. You want to regain self-confidence again. And that is amazing!

 I hope through this post you’ve found the answers to your questions. It’s all about changing your perspective. You are here to fulfill a purpose. Perhaps your struggles were teaching you, so that on your turn you can go and teach another person?  Don’t give up on life. You got this!

how to regain self confidence after going through crisis

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