Understand Your Full Potential

Purpose & Potential

The potential of everything is related to its purpose for being. To understand potential, you first have to understand the purpose.

To illustrate my point, if we put a car in the sea and expect it to drive like a boat, we would say that the car is trash. But to put the car into the sea is not the purpose of the car. The car can never live up to its potential by being in the sea. The purpose of the car is to drive on roads, that’s the only way that the car can live up to its full potential.

In order to understand your potential, you have to understand your purpose. Many people believe that there is no other purpose to humanity than just procreation.  This is true because the first commandment we received at the beginning of it all was to multiply.  But if there’s no other purpose to your life, why are you constantly fighting to fit in? Or to be happy? Why are you still looking for the key to success?

Your purpose is that one thing that’s in your heart. It’s constantly calling out to you. It’s that thing that you can do without getting worrying to get anything in return.

living up to your full potential

What is Your Full Potential?

Some people have the mentality of “it is what it is.” And while something is what it is, we have to have the willpower to live and discover the purpose of everything in our lives.

The most important thing in life is the big picture. Purpose defines the big picture. Your life has the potential to fulfill your purpose. However, if you decide to imprison that potential, you will rob your life of its purpose and fulfillment. Everyone on this planet possesses an awesome treasure. Which is our potential.

The tremendous potential you and I have is locked inside us, waiting to for us to make a move. This potential is new possibilities, dormant abilities, power, ideas, talent, unused success.

We have the responsibility to use what God stored in us for the good of the world. Some of us blame past circumstances, others blame social status. Still, others haven’t moved on from past failures. Or are blaming their parents for never providing them with formal education in order to expose their gift.

While all these things can be stumbling blocks to reach greatness, there’s no excuse to justify why people are taking their potentials to the grave. The world needs what you have inside you.

Here are some ways you can live your full potential

1. Take ownership of your life

To tap into success is to take ownership of the choices you make and the decisions that you choose to take. To take ownership is like stepping out of the passenger seat, and stepping into the driver’s side. You have control over your life, you manage your decision and choices.

It’s your responsibility to get up everything and work towards success. So, find a goal and tie it to your neck. Work day and night to make that goal a reality into your life. And don’t stop until you’re satisfied. This is your life, and your life depends on the choices and decisions that you make.

2. Choose to believe

Many people fail to live up to their full potential because they are unbelievers. Even though they know that they are capable, they still don’t believe in themselves. The power is in your hand, the ideas are in your mind, but until you believe that you can do it, you will not manifest your full potential.

All the people in the world could believe in you, yet none of it matters if you don’t believe in yourself.

So let me ask you, what is something that you know you are capable of doing? What are your hidden talents? Who have you always dreamed of becoming?

You can literally create the life that you desire if you believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself the willpower inside of you will push you to work for your dreams. But it all starts by believing.

Why do you doubt yourself so much? Is it because of words people spoke over your life that has made you so insecure?

There’s this quote that says, “Stop underestimating yourself. You have the power to build an empire.”

It’s time to change the game darling, that dream that you’ve been holding down for so long, find it, expose it and master it into reality!

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living up to your full potential