Becoming the Better Version of Yourself

Understand Yourself better

The better version of yourself becomes a reality when you have developed the characteristic of a person that always strives for growth.

People who strive for growth are people that

  • Have replaced the word “failing” for “learning”
  • Stopped seeking approval
  • Owned their attitude
  • Loved themselves thoroughly
  • Acknowledged and embraced their imperfections

What is The Better Version of Yourself

As human beings, we are constantly evolving. Every day something happens that triggers certain emotions or behavior. Causing us to react and take decisions that don’t necessarily benefit us. The person you were yesterday is no longer the same person today.  Nothing in life stands still. So, it’s important to never settle based on yesterday’s accomplishment.

The better version of you means to move away from anyone or anything that does not contribute to your growth. Even your old ways, you must be willing to shred your old self by letting go of your comfort zones and step into the unknown (the opposite of what comforts you). Nothing is certain, after all. The sooner you realize this the more you can improve yourself and step into greatness.

Let’s say your comfort zone is to dedicate 15 hours watching TV or playing video games. You have to cut down these hours and start doing something that contributes to your growth. For example, reading a book instead, or learning how to start a business, and so on. Take time and analyze what it is that you dedicate so much time on. What is your comfort zone? Find out and work from there.

Every day we hear words like “follow your heart”, “find your truth”, “listen to your gut.” Yet many people fail to follow these words, or have a hard time doing so. While these encouragements are all part of walking on the path of self-discovery to becoming the better version of yourself, we have to understand that before we can do these things we have to understand some essential facts.

becoming the better version of you

How to Fall in Love with The Better Version of Yourself?

Like most of us, you’ve built at least a part of your identity on others’ expectations.  But to approach your vital self, you must turn away from distracting beliefs that cloud or disturb your self-perception.

Let me ask you, what makes you happy? What gives you internal peace?

The truth is that many people do not live the life that they desire because they live based on other’s expectations. If you were meant to be a dolphin, but everybody wants you to be a crocodile, what do you think happens? You will end up being a negative person, self-hater without any self-confidence and self-love.

I want you to close your eyes, and analyze your life. Imagine the person that you really are, without opinion or beliefs of others. Analyze the moves that you need to make or what you need to let go to become the better version of yourself…

Train yourself to recognize every limiting beliefs and wrong attitudes in your life. Especially the ones that hinder your fulfillment. This is the first step to understand what is blocking you from being a wonderful person.

After analyzing your life, here are some steps to help you become the best of you.

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The Better Version of You in Real Life

Be willing to let go of your old identity.

The one that does not bring happiness and fulfillment to your life. Do not allow your difficulties to become your identity. With other words, do not define your identity based on the low points in your life.

But strive to be yourself, the happy and healthiest version of yourself. Be authentic, that’s the secret to long term success. And never give up when things are hard.

Break free from your fears.

Fear is a natural emotion that joins the game when you are out of your comfort zone. Every time you feel anxious, write it down. Affirm over your life that you will not let the fear control you, and take the step anyway.

Stay positive despite difficulties.

A positive attitude solves the majority of problems. When you remain positive you are telling your brain to chill, everything will be okay.

Every time you face a difficult situation, do not panic and stress out. Remain calm and look for something positive to get out of it. Nothing in life is permanent. That counts for your struggles as well. But if you decide to only focus on your struggles, you will delay the blessings or lessons that you need to get from that specific situation.

Love and appreciate yourself

The unselfish act of self-love is so essential. If you do not love yourself, how can someone else love you better? The way that you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

To love yourself means to take care of yourself. Release negative self-talks. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Even though you are not perfect, love yourself nonetheless.

Stop pleasing everybody

Elizabeth Parker said, the only thing wrong with trying to please everyone is that there’s always at least one person who will remain unhappy, you!

What does it benefit to please everyone and at the end of the day you are not happy? You did not sign any resume for a job to be everything to everyone. People will notice when you give too much of yourself, and will take advantage of it. And when you say something, they will tell you, but they did not ask, you’ve made yourself available.

Pleasing everyone will let you drained and unfulfilled. Therefore, break that habit. Stop pleasing everyone, you are not Santa Claus.

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becoming the better version of you