About Jayne

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My Story

I used to think that Life’s not fair, and even though I aspire to be someone great someday, it would never happen to me. Because I’m not as lucky as the other ones who did made it.

But the reality is, if our mind is set to think and act negative, this is exactly what will happen, we will see negative results. So i was caught living a day to day life with no hope, no goals and no excitement. Everyday was a new day, with the same lame excuses. 

the thing about me is that I’m the girl people always comes to for advice, because I enjoy helping people by giving my perspective on life. However I never used to put my own advises into practice.

What changed the game for me ?

Honestly I just got tired of hiding my gifts. Do you know the different quizzes and tests you can take online such as: “What’s my calling?” and “What career fits best with my personality”? I’ve taken dozens of these tests and the results are always the same. I realized that this has to be a sign.

So, I took a leap of faith. I started to take my own advice and decided to pursue my passion. This was always to help,motivate and inspire people! And that was how my blog Jayne Prince was born.

My goal is to help you improve your way of thinking. understand your potential, and help you be the extraordinary person you were born to be.