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If you are tired of being stuck in life, you have come to the right place! Believe it or not, you deserve the absolute best! I want to help you discover and unfold the best version of yourself. 

My goal is simple: Help you move forward in life. Starting by improving your mindset, understand your full potential, and discover your place in the world.

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2 Ways That I Believe Can End Racism

As a black girl, coming from an island that used to trade slaves, I want to share my opinion about the importance of black lives and why I think we are still battling racism today …

The Ultimate Guide to Discover Your Purpose

If I remain with the seed in my hand and not plant it to its source which is the soil, it will not grow and live up to its potential.

3 Amazing Ways to Love Yourself

The term self-love has been trending a lot the last couple of years. Because people have started to realize how important loving themselves are. However in its trendiness the word has also lost its true meaning.

3 Healing Steps to Help You Move Forward in Life

Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed it means the damage no longer controls our lives.

How to Achieve Success Without Giving Up?

Today marked officially one month since I posted my first blog. And let me tell you it’s been crazy amazing but there were also moments that I really wanted to give up.

Self-Improvement: 6 Powerful Wisdom That Really Work

Most people want to be the best version of themselves. We want to be able to find the inner confidence, in order to fit in this “cosmetic” world.

8 Quotes To Live By in Order to Achieve Success

Everybody searches the web looking for HOPE!

I remember how I used to spend hours searching for shortcuts. Spending so much time reading those Pinterest quotes;

How to Regain Self-Confidence After a Crisis

What is a “crisis”? How bad does a situation have to be in order to be considered a “crisis”? How can you regain your self-confidence back after difficulties knock on your door?

5 Keys to Break Loose From a Blocked Mindset

Believe it or not but even today in 2020 there are so many people living as slaves. Perhaps not physically but very much mentally. Because of this mindset

Rejection: 3 Powerful Steps to Overcome It

“You will never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice”

Expectations: 3 Kinds That Will Lead to Disappointment

“It’s not even him that hurt me, “It’s I that hurt myself”, Layla said.

I asked how: “What do you mean”? 

She continues  “ I expected him to treat me the same way I treated him, but I guess I was in denial to see and accept the truth.

How I Mastered My Fear Into Courage

Have you ever thought about who you want to be in life?

This is a story about courage and determination, and as you can see fear does not come in any of these two words.

5 Essential Steps to Live Up To Your Potential

Have you found yourself thinking “Is there a meaning to my life?”, “What is the purpose of my existence?”, “Do I have potential to be more than what I currently am?” “How can I discover my potential?”

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